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How Much Does Landscape Design Cost in Metro Atlanta?

If your home or business property needs a makeover, the first step is to plan the remodel. Rather than drawing the plans up yourself, hire the professional landscape design team at Infantry Landscaping. We can draw up plans for your redesigned outdoor space. Investing in a proper design early in the planning stage can avoid costly problems later on.

How Much to Upgrade the Front Yard?

The front yard is crucial for curb appeal. It is usually the first thing a visitor will see as they drive up to your property.

In general, creating landscape plans for a front yard will generally cost between $250 and $500. Costs can also be higher if you need to incorporate features such as:

Many homeowners find the extra cost for a 3D rendering to be well worth it. They’ll especially appreciate this feature if their design includes hedges, patios, stairs, walls, and other elevated structures.

Costs to Designing a Backyard

Backyards often cost more to develop and require more complex plans. That’s because they are more likely to contain hardscaping and outdoor living, such as:

Each of these elements requires precise measurements, which adds to the cost of the design. If your backyard is simple, the design might cost no more than $400. However, you can expect to pay more than $1,000 if your backyard contains many components and structures.

The Overall Cost of Landscape Designs for Homes in Atlanta

Landscape design services for an entire property typically cost between $250 and $2,000. The wide range in cost reflects the unique nature of each home’s landscape and the opportunities for customization in every design project.

Costs for Landscape Design and Installation

Designing a custom landscape is the starting point for a professional installation. Installation for large gardens, hardscaping projects, and complex wooden structures can reach $25,000, $50,000 or more. Landscape design for commercial properties can be well into the 6-figure range due to project size, volume of material, labor and equipment needs, and other factors.

The design features that add the most to the installation cost include:

If you’re ready to renovate your home or business in Metro Atlanta, contact the specialists at Infantry Landscaping today.

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