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Yard Grading & Lawn Leveling Services

Does your lawn flood every time it rains? Or are you experiencing water running towards your foundation? You may have a yard or landscape grading issue. Infantry Landscaping provides top-tier yard grading in Atlanta for residential & commercial clients.

Professional Yard Grading in Atlanta

Uneven or bumpy lawns are a pain to take care of and can even be harmful to visitors or to your home’s foundation. A lack of proper grading can lead to water running towards structures instead of away which can lead to flooding. Proper grading ensures your yard is safe, aesthetically pleasing and will not lead to costly damage to your home or business property.

The team at Infantry Landscaping specializes in professional grading services to resolve safety issues and set up your yard with the right slope so water moves to the right location during heavy rains.

yard grading Atlanta GA

Grading & Leveling Services We Offer

Our grading services go beyond leveling your lawn and correcting slopes. We also remove any obstacles that could be the root cause of yard being uneven, such as stumps, large rocks or tree roots. In the event of having to remove large objects such as a boulder, we can also haul in new soil to fill the hole prior to grading out the entire area.

Our team is well-equipped and has the expertise to take on any size grading project, if you have any questions please give us a call, otherwise reach out today to schedule a consultation!

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At Infantry Landscaping, we pride ourselves on actually answering our phones & email, as well as keeping you informed and up-to-date during all phases of your project.

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Our team has several decades of combined experience in all aspects of the green industry, so you can rest easy knowing your outdoor space will be built & maintained to perfection.


Our teams complete every project on time (weather permitting), reducing the amount of time your home or business is spent “under construction”.

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