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Is water pooling up in your yard or landscape every time it rains? Our highly-trained drainage specialists at Infantry Landscaping can diagnose drainage issues and comprise a plan to remedy them. Serving residential and commercial clients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Chastain Park, Midtown and more.

Outdoor Drainage Experts in Atlanta

Are you encountering soft spots or are puddles forming in your lawn or landscaping after rain events? Your property may be suffering from drainage problems. There are several contributing factors to a yard experiencing drainage issues. Such as an improper slope in the yard, or the landscaping surrounding the foundation of your home, office building, shed or other structure sending water towards your building or house, when it should be distributed away from structures.

This can also happen with newly constructed homes or business properties if the topsoil around the foundation was not compacted down or has unexpectedly settled. Our Atlanta landscape drainage crews are well-versed in solving drainage problems of all kinds on both residential and commercial properties. To get an assessment for solving drainage issues on your property, request a quote today!

Drain Tile & French Drains

A French drain system, also commonly called drain tile, involves placing drainage pipe at the bottom of a trench filled with gravel. With a proper outdoor drain tile installation, water is redirected to a designated area on the property. To most, a drain tile system installation is a simple D.I.Y. project. However, an incorrectly installed French drain system can do more harm than good.

Our highly-trained yard and landscape drainage teams will frequently utilize laser-guided equipment to ensure the proper grade is kept through the entire French drain system. This yields to maximum water flow throughout the seasons.

Dry Creek Beds

An increasingly popular approach to correct a yard’s drainage is constructing a dry creek bed. These are similar to a french drain in which a trench is dug with a slope to send water from the troubled area to a better suited location. But with a dry creek bed installation, our crew lines the trench with a mixture of river or limestone rock that vary in size instead of drain tile.

This option is a great choice for the home or business property owner who wants to correct drainage issues and direct water to its designated location, and still retain a natural appearance to your front or backyard.


Re-grading your yard and landscape is a holistic method to solve drainage problems. During this process, our skilled equipment operators make the decision as to the best course of action for mitigating water. Re-grading a lawn and landscape is one the most cost-effective methods of correcting slopes to solve drainage problems.

To get more information about our metro Atlanta yard drainage solutions, request a quote today!

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