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The 7 Elements of a Professionally Designed Landscape

Planning a landscaping project on your property is exciting, but it can be an overwhelming process. There are many factors to consider, so this article will cover seven things to remember during landscape design and installation.

1. Simplicity Is Key

While it’s great to be creative when planning backyard landscapes or other outdoor spaces, it’s crucial to prioritize simplicity. Too much clutter can detract from the aesthetic appeal of the finished back or front yard while also significantly driving up the project’s cost.

2. Variety Matters

Although homeowners should avoid overly cluttered spaces, variety is still an essential element to consider. A colorful planting bed or gathering area such as a paver patio can create a unique visual effect, so don’t be afraid to put your design ideas into action.

3. Strive For a Balanced Design

Throughout the design process, it’s crucial to keep your end goal for the project in mind. These projects involve multiple steps, so keeping the decor balanced throughout the outdoor space is essential to a successful outcome.

4. Emphasize the Highlights

When designing a space on your property, whether indoors or outdoors, it’s vital to draw visitors’ eyes to the most impressive aspects of your home. Placing a stunning water feature or statue in a high-traffic area in your yard is an excellent way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

5. Smooth Transitions

The transition from one area of your yard to another is another vital landscape design element to keep in mind when planning a landscaping or outdoor living project. While varying the decor style from place to place can keep things fresh, it’s vital to avoid jarring differences in appearance.

6. Consider Proportion

The proportion of items on your property significantly impacts the effect it creates in viewers’ eyes. For example, placing small plants next to a massive tree may draw attention away from the smaller ones, so balance is critical.

7. Create a Seamless Effect

Ultimately, whenever you’re planning a home landscape project, the goal should be to create a seamless effect. Carefully choosing cohesive decorations and furniture throughout the process will ensure the final product is as impressive as possible.

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If you’re planning a landscaping project in Atlanta, Georgia, Infantry Landscaping can help. We have completed hundreds of landscaping projects and know how to create stunning outdoor spaces. Infantry Landscaping is the premier landscape design company in Atlanta, so call us today at (678) 539-8007 or fill out our online form to start your next project.


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