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Moved into a new home and need a new irrigation system installed? Or is your current one having issues and in need of repairs? Get in touch with the Atlanta irrigation experts at Infantry Landscaping today. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout metro Atlanta including Buckhead, Chastain Park, Midtown, Sandy Springs and many surrounding communities.

Atlanta's Sprinkler System Experts

Nothing beats a deeply green and lush lawn area and healthy plants in the landscape. However, your greenery can only be as lively as its ability to have a plentiful source of water. At Infantry Landscaping, we apply custom solutions for watering all properties, including suburban homes, multi-acre commercial properties, HOAs and more. Our team plans and installs irrigation systems around the unique characteristics of each client’s lawn area and landscape beds.

irrigation Atlanta GA

Irrigation System Installation

Spending time setting up timers and alarms only to have walk outside and deal with the heat and humidity, followed by wrestling hoses and moving sprinklers does not exactly sound like a ideal way to spend summer. When you hire our team to install an underground irrigation system and drip watering system for your landscape beds will allow you to have your yard and landscape routinely watered, which will yield to a thick, lush yard throughout the growing season, and the best part – never having to be worried about your lawn, trees and shrubs getting adequate moisture.

After the new install is completed, we will set up your system to operate automatically on a schedule that works for your daily water use routine, leading to worry-free watering even if you are on vacation for two weeks.

Sprinkler Repairs

A sprinkler system that is not functioning at its peak can lead to tremendous damage, this can cost big in the long run. Some examples include a faulty sprinkler head that fails to “pop up” and water its designated area, or an entire zone not turning on due to a valve issue. This can lead to parts of your lawn not getting proper water, which causes your lawn to dry out and potentially die off, especially during a streak of extremely hot weather.

Whether your system is suffering from leaks, broken heads, electrical faults, you wish to install a new controller that operates the system from a mobile app, or anything else pertaining to your lawn’s irrigation system, our highly trained and knowledgeable sprinkler repair professionals are ready to find and fix whatever is disrupting the performance of your sprinkler system. Schedule irrigation repair service in Atlanta, GA by giving us a call today or scheduling an estimate.

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Our team has several decades of combined experience in all aspects of the green industry, so you can rest easy knowing your outdoor space will be built & maintained to perfection.


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