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Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

Enhance your lawn’s appearance with a core aeration and increase the thickness of your grass with overseeding from Infantry Landscaping. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout Atlanta including Buckhead, Chastain Park, Midtown, Sandy Springs and many surrounding areas.

Core Aerating Services

Lawn maintenance goes beyond weekly grass cutting and the occasional fertilizer application, this is especially true if your yard endures a lot of foot traffic from an event or your kids playing on it. Increased traffic on a lawn compacts the soil beneath, restricting the flow of water and fertilizer to the soil, thus hindering the grass roots’ ability to continue growth. When your grass cannot take in ample nutrients, it will not grow in as vigorous as it could. This can be solved with a lawn aeration. An aeration involves mechanically removing cores of soil, turf and root allowing water and fertilizer to reach the soil more effectively.

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If there is one lawn service that is most certainly not a “D.I.Y.” task, it is core aeration. While it may seem tempting to use a handheld aerator or tow-behind “spike aerator” for your lawn tractor, these will not reduce compaction as they push into the soil whereas a mechanical core aerator will pull cores out allowing compaction to be reduced at the surface. Our expert lawn crew has the training and proper equipment built to loosen up the soil without gouging your grass or landscaping beds.

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Lawn Overseeding

If you have recently noticed that your yard is not as thick as it once was, it may be time to consider a top-dressing of grass seed. This commonly referred to as an overseeding service. Overseeding is an affordable and popular solution to helping your lawn become thick and lush.

With proper watering after the application, the new grass seed provides a boost to tired, thinning lawns and brings them back to full color and full growth in due time. As lawn seeding experts in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, our team can assess whether this service will benefit your yard or if it is a better option to start over fresh with a total lawn renovation and sod installation.

To schedule a lawn seeding service for your home or business property, give us a call or request an estimate.

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