We offer Landscaping projects ranging from simple sprinkler system installations to a full outdoor makeover: design, install, and management.

Unique Features

Infantry landscapers can design & install all types of services catering your yard needs. From fireplaces, stunning decks, waterfalls, gardening we can create all of these peculiar features in your outdoor lawn that will make your home a reflection of modern art, style, poise & character.

  • Gardening:
    Growing your own fruits and vegetables can offer you the opportunity to reduce the amount of pesticides that you use in your garden, making them healthier. Growing your own fruits and vegetables will save your money at the grocery store. The fruits and vegetables grown in your garden will promote health because they are rich in nutrients, especially in phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A and folate.
  • Fireplace:
    Fireplaces are installed for their warmth as well as their ambiance, outdoor fireplaces transform backyards into cozy outdoor living rooms where people can gather and relax even when there's a chill in the air.Choosing the best location for your outdoor fireplace depends on factors such as space availability, local building codes, privacy, and wind direction. The best size for your outdoor fireplace is based on the scale of your yard, your entertaining needs, and the amount of heating you want to provide. Seating options for enjoying an outdoor fireplace includes movable patio furniture and permanent built-in seating. Various options for outdoors fireplaces include mantels, hearths, lighting, and built-in wood storage. We help you make these choices.
  • Water Place:
    We can install fountains, ponds, waterfalls etc. to give that added je ne sais quoi to your yard. Having a waterfall in the yards is not just soothing to your ears but it’s also beneficial as they increase water molecules & bring more oxygen to the ponds.
  • Fencing:
    We install various kind of fencing out of the endless varieties available to cater to your safety needs that compliments your garden.
  • Sustainable Systems:
    Our respect for the environment is reflected in the many systems that we can install to help sustain it. From ways to deal with rainwater, such as rain barrels, to green roofs, bio swales, and water treatment solutions, we try to provide options to deal with environmental issues like water and heat in aesthetically pleasing ways.