We offer Landscaping projects ranging from simple sprinkler system installations to a full outdoor makeover: design, install, and management.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Our lawn maintenance program is performed on a weekly or semi-weekly basis. We operate a fleet of well maintained, top-of-the-line mowers and tractors. We strongly believe in Green Landscaping. Instead of dumping endless mounds of toxic, decaying grass clippings, we now mulch them into smaller biodegradable pieces that will feed your lawn. We employ full time professional mechanics to keep these machines running at peak performance.

We make sure that our cutting blades are sharpened weekly to give you that perfectly lined and manicured cut. Heights and sizes of mowers are also adjusted to fit your particular lawn. Everything our technicians do – from the cut to the trimming and clean up – take part in giving our customers the professionally finished maintenance they deserve. Weekly services can include more than just grass cutting. Our staff can eliminate weed growth; clean up debris and trash and manicure mulch beds to keep you the envy of the street.

    There are different degrees of tree pruning procedure, and all are applied for multiple reasons:
  • Fine Pruning :
    Cutting small limbs to improve the tree’s natural appearance.
  • Standard Pruning :
    Involves more intricate cutting and is done to enhance the tree’s branch structure.
  • Hazard Trimming :
    Suggested for trees that pose safety concerns.
  • Crown Reduction Trimming :
    Usually consists of the extraction of the main branches, and should only be done when there is significant wind damage, or when branches are hindering power lines.