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Top 8 Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Adding landscape lighting significantly improves your home’s exterior appearance and enhances the use of your outdoor living space among many more benefits including:

#1: Higher Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting fixtures can make your yard look better. Accent lights draw attention to beautiful landscaping features and can showcase specific elements.

#2: Improved Safety

Once you add LED outdoor lights to your property, you immediately make your home safer. Outdoor lighting can deter burglars and other criminals from entering your property. Lights also make it safer for you and other people to walk outside after dark, as you can see where you’re going.

#3: Boosted Décor

LED landscape lighting can highlight the décor and special features around your lawn. You can easily add the lights where you want attention the most. For instance, you can spotlight flower beds, gathering areas, or your porch.

#4: Increased Property Value

The majority of top realtors agree that a home’s curb appeal significantly impacts closing costs for home sales. However, outdoor lighting can showcase the work you put into your home. By installing outdoor lighting, you boost your home’s property value in a few easy steps.

#5: Better Use of Outdoor Spaces

Without outdoor lighting, you may feel like you can only really enjoy your lawn during the day. However, lights extend the amount of time you can comfortably relax outdoors. For example, you might consider hosting a nighttime get-together on a well-lit deck.

#6: Improved Energy Efficiency

If you have a porch, you can likely turn on porch lights if you want to go outside at night. However, these lights typically use a lot more energy than high-efficiency LED lights.

#7: More Enjoyment throughout the Year

The sun sets earlier in the fall and winter months. Without outdoor lighting, you may go inside earlier and get less fresh air.

#8: Easier Usage

You can set up modern outdoor lighting systems to turn on automatically. This programming gives you the look you want around the clock. In addition, crews can install your lighting with easy controls instead of leaving you to deal with a bunch of wires.

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