We offer Landscaping projects ranging from simple sprinkler system installations to a full outdoor makeover: design, install, and management.

Designs for landscaping & Gardening

Planning and design are probably the most important, but most overlooked aspects of the landscape installation process. Too often homeowners install landscapes that are subpar in relationship to their home. A well-planned design can add many benefits to your emotional and physical health as well as your pocket.Our innovative landscape designing process will create a landscape environment beyond your expectations & thus transform your idea into reality.

The process begins by meeting you &listening to your ideas& brainstorming with the team to convert your ideas into reality. Paying attention to every little detail and making sure we bring your vision to life is our priority.

Next, plans are presented to you so you can walk through your project before we begin work.

Only after you are completely satisfied with how your project will look do we begin to bring it to life with the best materials, plants, and features. This Design Process is the reason Infantry landscaping is the preferred choice.