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Get the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams With These Tips from the Pros

Do you love spending time outdoors cooking up delicious meals for your friends and family? If you’re dreaming of having an outdoor kitchen, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry! The experts at Infantry Landscaping are here to help. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of outdoor kitchen construction, as well as some tips to make your dream kitchen a reality. Let’s get started!

Material Choice

When an outdoor living contractor builds a kitchen, the structure is usually comprised of pavers, natural stone, or even concrete. When it comes to the cabinetry and appliances, stainless steel is the best choice thanks to its weather resistance. For countertops, there are a wide array of options to choose from including granite, quartz, and tile just to name a few.

Location is Everything

Once the design and materials have been selected, another crucial element of any outdoor kitchen is its placement. Ideally, it should be placed close enough to the main house so that it has easy access to power and water sources. If you are planning to include lighting, make sure it is placed in a way that will not be obstructed by trees or other obstacles.

Seating Areas

Finally, when designing your outdoor kitchen, make sure to include plenty of comfortable seating for your family and friends. Outdoor kitchens are meant to be enjoyed – so don’t forget about the chairs! Additionally, consider setting up an area for entertaining with music, a television or even just some good conversation starters. Another option for seating can be a freestanding wall. These are typically built surrounding the perimeter of a patio or around a fire pit.

Get The Backyard of Your Dreams With Infantry Landscaping

With thoughtful planning and design elements in place, the outdoor living crew at Infantry Landscaping can craft your backyard into a work of art. Contact their top-rated team today to schedule a consultation.

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