Commercial Maintenance Programs

Office buildings are often big expanses of concrete, brick and glass. Great landscaping can bring them to life. Think serene garden courtyards where employees can meet with colleagues, relax with a book or enjoy lunch with a cool breeze. Don’t underestimate the power of landscaping for an office building. It could make all the difference to a potential tenant who has viewed five places. Or to a customer who may either pass right by — or stop in.


Great landscaping ideas for office buildings

Front Entrance:

A vibrant, welcoming front entrance sets the stage for your office’s whole environment.

Seasonal Color Rotation:

People notice color. Change your landscaping with the seasons and you'll offer intrigue year-round. Interesting plants and colorful flowers make a huge impact at main entrances, around signage and anywhere else you want to draw attention.

Outdoor Seating/Common Area:

Create a space your employees will love. Boost worker morale by offering a peaceful, beautiful outdoor common area where employees can enjoy lunch or hold an outdoor meeting.


There’s nothing like the sound of moving water to wash away the stress of a busy workday, and water features always impress visitors. Attract passersby to your entrance with a waterfall. Even a simple fountain near the front door, in a courtyard or in your common area for employees to enjoy makes a big and memorable impact. At Infantry Landscaping, we have all kinds of great landscaping ideas for office buildings. We know how to highlight entrances, install dramatic flowerbeds and create compelling common areas.

Landscaping for HOAs

As members of your neighborhood homeowners association (HOA), you and your neighbors are responsible for making sure the community in which you live always looks nice and addresses issues before they occur. Maintaining the neighborhood's common areas is one of the HOA board’s most important responsibilities. While it's often taken for granted, your neighborhood's curb appeal says a lot about how the people who live there value its appearance. Maintenance requires consistent upkeep to keep your property values high and your tenants and residents happy, and keeping the landscaping fresh and appealing is a full-time job. Hiring a professional to keep your turf trimmed, weeds under control, beds neat and plants pruned can save you money on the cost of trying to do it yourself and maintain a consistent look that your community can be proud of.


Here are a few reasons an HOA can benefit from hiring a managed landscape service

The landscaping at one entrance of your neighborhood needs to unify with the landscaping at another. Otherwise, the effect is jarring. A managed landscaping service will ensure the consistency of the design concept.


HOAs have no shortage of options when choosing managed services companies for their communities. It behooves the company you hire to provide top-shelf maintenance so you'll never have to consider the alternatives.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the biggest reason for choosing a managed landscape services company is that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Let the professionals do their job and make sure the neighborhood looks impressive.


Rather than giving several individuals or groups responsibility for various landscaping elements, a managed landscape service can offer a package that covers the entire neighborhood. Streamlining your efforts ensures the HOA is more efficient and can focus on more pressing matters.


Flat-rate packages are designed to provide cost benefits. A yard of mulch here and there, plus greenery, along with unexpected results due to the weather can add up. A managed service provides full service at a reasonable cost that aligns with your budget.