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9 Questions To Consider Asking When Hiring A Landscaping Company

As a busy metro Atlanta homeowner or commercial property manager, making the decision to invest into landscaping is usually a large decision, especially when contemplating an outdoor living area, kitchen and bar, patio or new driveway. Before hiring any landscape contractor, consider asking these questions during the initial meeting:

1. What Are Their Qualifications?

A professional landscaping company will be able to share their qualifications and industry experience. Including questions such as how long has their team worked in the industry?

2. How Long Have They Been in Business?

You can tell that a business has had success if they have managed to stay in business for multiple years or continue to grow. While many start up companies are around, their skill-sets really determine how familiar with many different projects and challenges that come along with them.

3. Do They Offer a Warranty?

Always ask about the warranty on their work. Whether that be related to the hardscape products, plant material, or a warranty on the company’s labor, all forms of a warranty are an important factor.

4. When Can They Start Your Project?

Timelines are a huge part of any yard renovation project. Most reputable landscaping companies that do quality work will have their crews scheduled out to some level. This can be as little as a couple weeks or multiple months in some cases.

5. How Long Do Projects Take to Complete?

Ask the contractor how long they anticipate your project to take. Smaller landscape projects can be usually completed in as little as 1-2 days, whereas large  outdoor living areas may take 1-2 weeks (or more) to build. These can vary as they are dependent on the exact scope of work, but knowing ahead of time helps you plan accordingly.

6. Do They Have a Protocol for Pets?

Your dog or other pets will likely want to go outside and use the lawn throughout the day. Make sure to ask them how they handle pets when they’re at your property. Keep in mind that it might not be possible for pets to be outside on the lawn if the entire space is being renovated and you may need to walk them to a nearby park.

7. Do They Have References of Reviews?

A trusted landscaping company will be more than willing to provide a list of prior clients or projects, or have existing testimonials on their Google maps listing where you can read and get an idea of what it’s like to work with the company.

8. What Types of Equipment and Tools Do They Bring?

Ask beforehand what type of equipment they’ll need to bring to your property. For many projects this may involve traditional sized or mini skid loaders, mini excavators, and more. Some of this equipment may impact your lawn if they need to access the backyard. Most contractors will factor in lawn repairs into their bid and will complete them at the completion of your project.

9. Do They Use Subcontractors?

The term “subcontractor” often gets a bad rep, but there’s no issue if a company hires reputable subcontractors to assist in projects. A great example would be a landscaping company subcontracting the irrigation system work or concrete pouring to a skilled and reliable subcontractor, allowing the landscaper’s team to focus on what they do best and the sub can complete their job effectively.

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